Lady Caro’zart is a French Dj originally from Italy born in France, living in Luxemburg. At the age of 18, she felt that electronic music would be the new way of her life. 4 years ago she became Djane, electronic music stole her soul, from that moment she knew that music would be her way of life.

She began from house music and step by step she introduced melodic techno vibes and also progressive and techno in her sets playing at venues such Bar Rouge, Go Ten, Rooftop, Palais, Melusina, Spot 48 in Luxembourg that trusted her and gave her the musical freedom to perform her own style. Her reputation as a techno Dj is growing and she’s now also performing in Germany, Belgium, and France.

Lady Caro’zart is not only a female Dj, she’s a musical experimental, developing her own unique style in a perpetual search for new creations. She will bring you to the Twilight Zone of sound to keep your emotions awake.

She is evolving step by step in Europe and will cover every demand in Luxembourg and in other countries.