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Mark Storm

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Marco Brunelli aka Mark Storm, born in 2003, originally from Perugia – Umbria – Italy. He starts to be fascinated by house music very early, his interest is in different genres  compared to those that kids his age don’t follow, and when he was 10 he asks his parent’s parents the first console. Marco discovers music in 2010, House and Old School music, thanks to his father also Dj, and here begins his true passion.  His debut took place in 2014, at the Zoppas Arena in Conegliano, in front of 2000 people, where touches CDJ-2000 for the first time, and despite never having played with a real console first, Marco uses them as a professional and enhances the entire sports hall. He personally selects his songs with clear criteria: “the songs must sound good, they must be powerful and they have to blow people up … if a song is good … the genre comes next. ” In December 2014, Marco sends a track to the producers of “Hit Mania”, the best-selling compilation in Italy, and from there he became the youngest DJ producer ever, present in the group: “Universal Music Group “, where it is still present, and recently added on” EURODANCE “. In July 2015, he is called for the second time in Veneto, he plays a house and an ElectroHouse DJ set, and Teolo square is super crowded. From here, a series of events and festivals start, where they see him, protagonist, all over Italy, and in some European capitals. And much more…….

Techno – Tech House – Bigroom – Edm


“HIT MANIA” (Universal Music Group)





Live events

Dj mania (Genova) ITALY

Veneto Music Contest (Teolo) ITALY –

Missblu Mare (Cittadella) ITALY –

Live Zoppas Arena (Conegliano) ITALY –

Mirano Summer Festival (Mirano) ITALY –

StartLab Live Arena (Teolo) ITALY –

TerremoLive (Teolo) ITALY

Mojito Party (Teolo) ITALY –

We Love Spello (Spello – PG) ITALY –

Ibiza Boat Private Party (Ibiza) SPAIN – IBIZA

Formula Disco (City of Castello – PG) ITALY –

My Festival (Woodbridge – London) –

Pool Party M2o (ITALY) –

Lido Village (Perugia) ITALY –

Inon Festival (Caracas) –

Holi Color Day Atessa 2017 and 2018

Privilege Discoclub

and much more…….

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