Dai Hernandez is an Uplifting Trance DJ/Producer from New York City.

It all started in the very late 1990’s / early 2000’s when he first discovered Trance by purchasing

a CD called “Deep Trance” and not only immediately falling in love with the

genre/style, but also felt this was what he wanted to encompass. Feeling inspired from

pioneers such as Tiësto, Lange, Airscape, 4 Strings, Above and Beyond, and Gouryella,

he went on to purchase his first synthesizer to begin producing the music he fell in love

with: Uplifting Trance.


After years of mastering his craft in the studio and behind the decks, he knew it was

time to take things to the next level. In early 2019 RJ Hernandez landed a radio slot on

1mixTrance radio and put together his own show called show "Uplifting Trance Euphoria,"

every 1st and 3rd Sunday of every month, playing some of the best Uplifting Trance from

some of the best DJ/Producers from around the world along with his own original

productions. RJ has also put together a second radio show called “Sunshadow Sessions”,

named after his label, which consist of Uplifting Trance with some Tech Trance mixed in

every so often as well as his own original productions and remixes, and is currently being

syndicated on radio stations such as Radio Trance Passion, 109FM, Elusive.FM, and Discover

Trance Radio. Just recently, RJ made a guest-mix appearance on Vibez.live; a very popular

radio station based in South Africa with a reach of over 1 million people.


More recently, on the production side of things, not only has RJ just recently had two

articles written about his releases un-released on an on-line magazine called T.H.E. Music

Essentials but has since release a few more tracks; “Daybreak” under the Aural Sonic subset

of Interflow Records, “Subduction Zone” under TranZone Recordings, “Frozen Sun” and

“Dreams In Spheres,” both of which have been released over the Summer under his own

record label Sunshadow Recordings, and have received massive support and positive

feedback from some of the Trance industry’s best and well known DJ’s and Trance radio

stations. RJ also just released another track, this time under the label Tecnomind Uplifting,

called “Skyborne”, and just finished a remix for TranZone Recordings that will be due out in

early 2022.